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A Social Media Wing to watch / spy the society – stalking critics to save cronies?

The Desperate Brand PR Managers & Compromised Data: Creeping Right-wing Cronies From Digital TV Spy Networks, Social Media Things to Internet on Big Data – development in full throttle! Coverts apart, earlier there were formal proposals to have a separate and official social media wing, independent of the existing Press Information Bureau (PIB) in India, spending some millions of public money in a social media cell to curtail free speech and manage opposing forces – to lure and fool all types of consumers: voting, eating, shouting, writing, working, watching, earning, looting, learning, governing, shopping, ruling, shooting, advertising…etc. Media reports say that funds will come by cutting down budget of some schemes to increase outreach of government’s achievements in rural areas. New focus on uprising urban youth with creative state sponsored advert bytes! Sounds like, instead fixing the root cause called, corrupt approach to public life and governance, they are venturing to fix and dare the uprising commoners with help of smarty babus, right wing think-tanks and profiteering agencies.

Watch how they train public perception – with a positive mood to stop wrong doings, throw out bad politicians, bhakt chelas and come clean or threatening and bulldozing the fragile digital media with one-way conversations, hackings, fatwas, jumlas and hypnotizing publicity. The recent civil society upsurge on issues such as corruption, rape, bureaucracy, political mafia, black money, loot of natural resources, communal politics, etc.. had made governments to rethink its safe play and hide strategy. As social media plays a key role in mobilizing some people to fool others, during public agitations and possibly in upcoming election, the politicians have decided to penetrate the on-line medium to counter the government bashing and push painted positive publicity. This is how some scamstars and frauds are becoming the new tycoons in startup business, developing soft scams in SocialTrade through MLM anubhav, spreading make quick money ablaze virals, loot tools like #LikeFraud #ClickFraud #AdFraud are acceptable digital practices… more at

Unless proved otherwise, there is no harm in assuming that ultimate goal is to bring back the suppressed public sanity and do business (public corruption) as usual. After all, they are used to many decades of silent loot starting when our ancestors didn’t knew about “forced slavery of elite” – old and lucrative habits are hard to go. Hope this pessimist view is turned upside down via some good sense coming back to them in this new Social Media Wing venture – and not turning out to be a POTA Jumla, TADA Hack, Populist Jugaad, Privacy Loot, Citizen Profiling, CBI Setting or Nazism for outspoken Internet users and free speech.

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#FAANG “Be the Evil Capitalists” merged with Surveillance States, a great business model!

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