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The popular and leading political brands are just hanky dory innocent, not really fooling the 8+ billion commoners on this abandoned planet in association with paid media techies & company. Their smartly planned emergency or revenge attacks sounds only to save few looters responsible for killing innocent souls everywhere, mostly indirect, with great power comes great showcase! These anti-social mutated souls takes-over and colonize nations with pride since dawn of all civilizations – not the sensitive one which feel threatened always due to few of their own folks crazy deeds, now or earlier.

Ironically, we are bind as humans only due to our thousands of years of history, it is foolish to expect these man-made concepts, written texts or emotional dramas to have any long term impact. But these modern categories, hypes and propaganda still have some life until each entity dares to create its own country or kingdom, helping illuminate distinctions and commonalities in real sociopolitical landscape to some extent. How long be content with 193 countries on this huge planet? Such uniquely militarized land blocks must cross 1930000000 as global unrest spreads …. no land or currency records, all õːm heads directly connected via “UN General Assembly’s UniversalNet” – no Fakubook Portals or Media Businesses pumped by power cronies!


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[Reality needs no proofs]