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Wooden Printing Blocks by Indianshelf

Printing is the age old tradition to make the fabric look more attractive and colourful. The old wooden printing blocks were heavier in weight and had more detailed designs in complex pattern that was suitable to print textiles and dress material .The new wooden printing blocks is made of and smaller beautiful animal prints ,geometrical patterns, flora and fauna designs, images of deities, Mehendi designs, border designs, Heart shaped pattern and different and innovative designs that are being introduced periodically so there is no dearth of choice for the designs you want to select from. The New wooden printing blocks are available in the set of 3 which have to be placed in the right pattern to create the actual designs mentioned next to the wooden printing blocks. The basic requirement for printing through these new wooden printing blocks is canvas paper, craft paper and fabric and the colours could be fabric paint or oil paint.

The New wooden printing blocks are so convenient to use that even your little ones can use them for their art and craft work and also for their project work. The designs have been engraved on the wooden blocks which could be rose wood or any other hard wood .Each design has been engraved by expert wood carvers and each process involved used the same old traditional methods and is dipped in oil for weeks together to get the desired effect. There are different design that are suitable for the kid’s art and craft work which is the animal shaped blocks, fauna shaped blocks ,bird shaped block, butterfly shaped block, Elephant shaped block, beautiful bird shaped block and so on. Try to engage the family to create beautiful bed sheets, kitchen napkin ,Table covers .The children can also create a wall hanging by using different blocks haphazardly to make a patterned sheet framed and put it on an empty wall. The new wooden printing blocks is the best way to revive our age old tradition of printing and dyeing to make a plain looking canvas or fabric look colourful and interesting.

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