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PublicAdda Is A Social Career Network

PublicAdda Is A Social Network As Well As Career Network: Publicadda is one of the social network site and also career network site. In Public Adda we have four sections.

1. Employer
2. Job Seeker
3. Website Admin
4. Normal User

In Employer section, Employer can able to post jobs, Can able to see job seeker profiles, can able to download job seekers CV’s with free of cost, they can pick relevant profile related to specific job, they can chat with job seekers directly. They can also create fan page for their company and they can create a group also, by this they can explore the company services to many people.

Job Seeker:
In Job Seeker section, Job Seeker can able to apply the jobs, they can make other jobseeker and employer as a friend, they can chat with friends, and they can join in the fan pages and groups also. In job seeker he can chat with direct employer. They can get reference in any company as they have a chance to chat with employer.

Website Admin:
In Website Admin section, website admin can able to promote the site in publicadda. Website Admin can make friends and can chat with every one like job seeker, employer and normal user.
They can create fan page for their website and they can create group also, by this way they can promote their website and they will get good traffic.

Normal User:
In normal user section, normal user can able to apply the jobs, and they can make friends, they can chat with friends and employer also. Normal user can tick the pages and they can join the groups.

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