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The Aithein Massage Course in Goa

Aithein is excited to release their 2014 Massage Schedule, and it is now available on their website. The schedule begins in October 2014 and will continue through April 2015.

All of their courses and workshops are centered around the practice of Ayurveda and are approved by the government of India. Ayurveda can be described as one of the most oldest forms of medicine, which is widely used everywhere. After each course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from Aithein Healing. They are then certified to practice the technique taught in the course.

Many people come to Aithein Healing because they want to perform natural remedies as treatment for numerous illnesses and conditions. Ayurveda has gained popularity over the years and uses a combination of massage, herbal remedies, yoga, and mediation to provide one method of healing. Courses offered by Aithein Healing for the 2014 session include Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Chavutti Thirumal, Siddha Marma Points Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Aithein Healing Massage.

Check out the Aithein Healing website to learn more about these courses or call

About Aithein : Aithein Healing is located at Agonda Beach, Goa, India, and is an institute that offers courses, workshops, and retreats in Ayurveda, Massage & Bodywork and international therapy courses. Co-founded by Gagori Mitra and Nikhil Gupta, their mission is to provide high and consistent standards for training students. They want to provide a safe atmosphere that allows their students to come, be healed, and learn techniques to share with others.

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