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Feb 2020 will witness one the most critical and decisive elections in the history of India. It’s time to shift from passive acceptance to active participation. Our call to action campaigns, propelling urban, educated India to come out and vote. Design has immense power to impact change. By transforming the social media messaging with bold and thought-provoking campaigns, we had attempted to prod people out of their lull, to take notice, think and then hopefully, act.

Through some very small campaigns, we tried to play our part by creating an impact for the upcoming elections. We wished to remind citizens that voting is the absolute power that each one of us has in deciding the country’s and our own future and that of future generations. Our commitment to quality has been derived from taking responsibility for our actions. It is with this in mind that we wish to impress upon the citizens of our city too, and remind them about their responsibility towards the country. Nothing for this was paid for by any party or company or group, its done with a tiny-scale CSR like volunteering concept.

In response to the fervor of the current election, the clutter of political debate and character bashing, we attempted to make people sit and take notice of SIMPLE and powerful thoughts: we are ALL deeply concerned about the future of India – our future. EACH one of us is empowered to decide that future through the voice of our vote. We should CELEBRATE this freedom – it is a privilege. We can do this by exercising our RIGHT to vote…

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2 thoughts on “Renewed soul of Delhi – A Microcosm of India’s Diversity. Time to Take a Stand! Time to Vote!”

  1. Powerful thoughts had rattled insecure cowards, the hate mongers and religion traders, so after losing trust of Delhi its time for renewed fear propaganda business as usual via strategic #DelhiRiots #DelhiBurning #DelhiViolence

    If imported bhakts and sword / gun / stone wavering revenge mafia were in both power corridors, isn’t situation of Delhi been brazenly worse today? Salute recent wisdom of Delhilites! It takes two to tango. Well planned in advance for a Delhi HC Judge, why not transfer Govt & its bhakts to their favorite capital Ahmedabad or Lahore, making Delhi safer?

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