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Property Pricing – A Slippery Slope

One of the challenges Realtors have in a market such as we have been experiencing these past few years, is getting the seller to come to terms with today’s values. Human Nature, being what it is, keeps many sellers from facing the reality that their property in all likelihood has gone down in comparison to what it was worth 5 years ago. The professional Realtor must be armed with an array of different tools and skills to successfully deal with these sometimes unrealistic expectations.

A technique is to graphically show the trend lines that are going on in your particular market. A graph showing the average days on the market is a good place to start. Unless you can visibly demonstrate to them what the average seller is experiencing, they may not have a clear understanding of the realities they are about to face. As humans, we often assume the other person knows or “should know” these existing circumstances but we must constantly remind ourselves that while we live this every day, our customers and clients probably don’t.

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