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Fraud, Extortion & Blackmailing by some Email Blacklist tools + Big brands

Unless you are paying to some BIG brands like GSuite, Zoho, IBM, Cisco, Rediff, Outlook, Couldfare, Apple Mail, etc.. your services and servers will be deliberated targeted by their hired criminal groups in dark net. Strategic purpose is to terrorize small competitors and their customers.

Crony sponsored laws create legal penalties for any user trying to control their own computing, or who tries to help their neighbor do likewise. It’s pretty strange to refer to this activity as circumvention since really it’s just regaining full control of bits present on your own computer, but this is the terminology used in the law. While ostensibly meant to enforce copyright, companies and government agencies over the past two decades have abused this law for whatever purpose they see fit.

Difference between ideological vs practical support, equals social industry vs capital pimping. Both are popular though.

Full story coming soon.

One thought on “Fraud, Extortion & Blackmailing by some Email Blacklist tools + Big brands”

  1. Even if we succeed in gaining exemptions, we know that sharing the tools needed to take advantage of them will still be prohibited. If users can’t share knowledge and tools about how to remove DRM for one of the exempt purposes, then only users skilled enough to break DRM on their own can benefit from them – an utterly ridiculous situation. So while we will support specific exemptions in the hopes of winning a little ground for freedom, our main message will continue to be that the entire broken system should be abolished and these new capitalists sent to where the really belong.

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