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Would you like a side of plastic with your fish dish / maacher jhol?

Imagine filling up five grocery bags with plastic water bottles, toothbrushes and shampoo sachets, for example and lining them up side by side. Then do the same on every foot (30 cm) of the world’s coastlines. Now dump all of that into the ocean. Scientists estimate that’s the average amount of plastic waste making its way into marine waters each year – around 9 million metric tons of plastic finds its way into world’s oceans every year.. by 2025 it will increase tenfold, plastic trash will outweigh fish. In 2050, our breed of humanoids shall convert to highly developed plastic eating parasites or pathogens, no-longer Hindu Muslim Christian Left Right or whatever.

While microplastic in food may increase human exposure to chemical drugs found in the substance, so far there is no evidence that the risk is higher than exposure through other routes. But there is concern that microplastics bonded with microbes and persistent organic compounds (POPS) such as pesticides and flame-retardant materials, present a danger to marine life and humans, if ingested in sufficient quantities. The scientific community is racing to understand the level of exposure and physiological impacts of microplastic contaminants on various organisms, as well as the risk to human health through consumption of contaminated food. Marine plastic pollution a threat to human health, but unlike population growth, no governments will focus on such useless agendas yielding little electoral or monetary gains.

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