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Luxury Consumer Electronics Market to Extend With Supporting Economic Changes

With the launch of new products primarily by luxury brands that can be worn by users, luxury wearables have become the “in-thing” of today. With rising standards of living and more disposable income in the hands of people, consumers are getting enabled to spend on luxuries and thus the market for luxury portable consumer electronics is growing rapidly. The number of “super-rich” is increasing day-by-day globally and is making this market vest with vast potential and opportunities for growth, provided the manufacturers do not slow down on product innovation and trendy looks.

The consumer electronics wearables have shed their bulky and uninteresting look and now look more fashionable, sleek and luxurious. This attracts those consumers who are not only gadget geeks but also want to make a fashion statement, thereby, expanding the market like never before. The new fashion tech is able to perform a whole lot of functions for gadget lovers and also look fashionable with semi-precious stones, gold and silver plating for those wanting to enhance their styles.

The new smart watches and mobile gears are attracting consumers to not only have a look but also use the range of various useful functionalities like fitness tracking, enabling payments, connecting users to their android devices to enable them to get alerted about calls etc. Apart from watches, these luxury items are available in the forms of rings, bands, necklaces, brooches, badges etc. and this kind of product innovation has created a spark in the industry and attracted the attention of all, even those who cannot afford to buy.

Get key insights into the Luxury Portable Consumer Electronics market in Thailand by giving the details of the size and shape of the market, retail sales data, data on the leading companies and leading brands, identifying the key factors influencing the market and their effects. Covering the product categories of luxury wearables, luxury mobile phones and luxury MP3 Players, it puts forth the trajectory of the luxury portable consumer electronics market as to how the market is set to change.

Thailand has seen a splurge in the interests of people in luxury wearables such as fashion accessories as well as useful electronics. Luxury electronic wearables have also shown a strong penetration in the Thai markets owing not only to the increasing domestic demand but also to the ever expanding tourism sector. Since tourism is one of the major economic activities of Thailand, the splurge of luxury portable electronics like wearables in the form of smart watches, jewelry etc. has offered tourists a complete shopping experience.

With the rising standard of livings of the Thai people and ever expanding tourism industry, the market for luxury portable consumer electronics is sure to expand and it will be worthwhile to know what sectors are driving this growth in the market and whether, luxury mobiles are growing as much as electronic wearables or only luxury wearables are becoming the representatives of this market. Also the future growth of this sector is largely linked to the national economy and will be determined largely by it.

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