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Author: ankur.gupta

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Rise of Telecom Oligarchies via Smart Corruption

Its not unusual for the smart gangs to manufacture network problems and outages for achieving the desired goals and extorting more money by increasing data price from end consumers plus diversify into allied data trade (extra bonus) especially in times of health distress & upcoming disasters.

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Advent of Indoor Theme Parks Coupled with Multi-Park Entry Tickets & Packages

Country theme parks have also been observed to leverage the growing technology to effectively cater to diverse group of customers. Theme park operators have introduced their mobile application to aid ticket sales through dynamic pricing and to ease long queues at various rides through online reservations.

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Sky-Scraping Growth in Construction Sector and increasing SMB’s are Driving demand for Gensets

CAT, FG Wilson, Himoinsa, MTU, Cummins, Atlas Copco and Kirloskar are the major players in genset market. Closed type gensets have high demand owing to its benefits and government regulations. It is expected demand for closed type genset will further increase in the future. The market is segmented by type of gensets, by power rating, […]

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Paints and Coating Market to Prosper Globally With Rising Demand

Any liquid, liquefiable or mastic composition is a paint which when applied to a substrate in a thin layer will proselyte the solid film. It helps to protect the object, colour it and it provides texture to objects. Rather than aesthetic properties, an industrial coating is a paint which is well defined by its protectiveness […]

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