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The rest of us seems to suffer deep anxieties about the precariousness of our civilizations and to have a need for constant reassurance by comparison with Africa.” Perhaps it’s not Africa that needs saving, but the rest.

Wall-Mart has recently shouted in media that it was considering getting certified under a new international program that could help companies defend themselves against isolated cases of corruption or poor business practices. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recently developed the so-called anti-corruption compliance program and it is hoping Continue Reading

Sadly, honesty is not a trading commodity as yet, share if some thug DNA parents & teachers are mutating future kids with hype and fear. Am I? So what! Sarcasm is a necessary element in survival kit when you’re surrounded by equally sarcastic hypes especially in opaque, celebrity / brand obsessed mobs dumping its own cultural value systems, justifying that we are becoming some advanced selfie-driven IoT tech robots capable of sailing beyond milky way!

There was a time when technology policy was a game played mostly by studious wonks from government agencies, legislative committees, think tanks, the business community, and other experts. They brought sober, technical expertise and took a methodical approach to advancing the public interest on complex issues such as intellectual property Continue Reading

Real spiritual babas with kind heart, spreading peace, humanity, showing right paths, clearing dust of wrong knowledge and bolstering a sense of unconditional love towards others etc.. are very few in India (in my limited knowledge) engaged in selfless service to the society without media limelight.