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Month: November 2019

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International Jazz Festival

The first of its kind in Bangalore, the Total Environment Jazz Festival will showcase International Jazz contemporaries like James Carter, Helen Sung and Yuri Honing among others across Mainstream, Funk, Afro & Latin Jazz. The festival celebrates Jazz across three nights at the UB City, Amphitheatre from Thursday, 27th to Saturday, 29th of November between […]

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The Social Media Software with Moderation

OpenSocial, the best in class social media software for social media campaign amplification and content management, has added many powerful features for managing and moderating social media posts and comments. Using ‘Moderation’ feature, the users can not only see the responses on their social media posts (likes, comments, shares or retweets), but also can respond […]

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Mobile is Driving Holiday Shopping

M-commerce will rise in the coming years as e-commerce grows to become a larger portion of total U.S. retail sales. In 2019 m-commerce comprised over a quarter of total e-commerce – more than doubling since 2015. Its been forecasted that m-commerce will reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by end […]

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Big Ideas that can change the Indian Education Scene for Better

The future of education begins today. Tangible ideas that will transform the scene of education can be uncovered by making educated predictions. However the youth of tomorrow will define their learning methods in ways that cannot even be fathomed today!

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Confusion over 25000 crore financial package for revival of real estate sector

A big question was how the stressed housing projects would be selected as beneficiaries under the scheme in the absence of clearly defined terms. The real estate business was on Thursday grappling with the semantic differences between a stalled project – which falls within the scheme’s ambit – and a delayed one. Under the plan, […]

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Green financing is not the only tool to unlock the potential of the green real estate sector: GRIHA

The second day of the 8th GRIHA Summit 2017 in the capital set the tone for the need for sustainability going hand in hand with ample financing for all the ideas and implementation for creating an ecosystem for sustainable habitat. With the recent predication of the meteorological department that due to the impact of increase […]

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Great Election Investment Industry of Modern Democracy – Symbol of Corrupt Development Best Practices

Democracies benefit only when Socially Left ideas (like giving books) are much more mainstream vs corporatist power center enjoying taxes from book publishers, US / Europe are not black & white democracy. Unlike the messy third-world trying to mock American way of pure capitalist lifestyles, where motivated #bhakts tag indigenously vedic cum left ideologies as some #antinational for selfie development commissions from big investors & manipulate paid network of wolves to hallucinate the sucked ignorant masses for a few days during every voting season.

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