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E-Commerce Market Forecast To 2025

E-commerce Market Forecast to 2025 – Growing Internet Penetration and Last Mile Delivery to Shape Future Growth. A comprehensive analysis of the E-commerce market, market size and segmentation of overall E-commerce market by online retail and travel. Segments the online retail market by major product categories, major cities, type of delivery, mode of payment, devices used for purchase, and customer profiles based on gender, age group, monthly household income and seasonal demand. Get profiles of leading players in the space along with the share of major players in the market. Market segmentation of online travel market by industry verticals and means of travel along with customer profile based on gender, age group, income and device used. The potential and future outlook has been individually discussed for the online retail and travel industry and also for the overall e-commerce market. Analysis of segments, trends & developments, growth drivers and major restraints and challenges within the industry. The report also serves as a benchmark for existing players and for new players who wish to capitalize on the market potential and investors who are looking forward to venture into the e-commerce market.

The E-commerce Market
India is not only the biggest but also the most developed e-commerce markets. It has the third largest internet market globally with over millions of internet users. The number of e-commerce consumers has increased. The major drivers of growth include growth of internet users, rising broadband penetration, lack of assortment in traditional stores, young and digitally savvy marketplace, highly connected consumers, low return rate and high taxation rates on trade.

Although economy has been witnessing a downfall since the last 2 years, the online retail industry has been blooming as the industry is still in its early growth stages and has enormous growth potential. Online retail market grew at a CAGR of ~% during 2010-2015 from USD ~ billion in 2010 to USD ~ billion in 2015. Electronic products purchased online accounted for the highest share of ~%, based on number of orders in 2015 amongst all product categories. Fashion and accessories, Cosmetics & perfumery, Books and magazines, Home & décor were some other product categories that generated bulk of the orders.

In 2015, the online retail market was quite a concentrated one with top five leading players in this space occupied a cumulative market share of about ~%. B2W digital, with a portfolio of several e-commerce websites, emerged as the clear market leader by accounting for ~% market stake in 2015 and the company’s websites reached ~% of the total e-commerce visits in the country.  Apart from the major players catering to multiple products, there were also some of the leading pure play players which cater to the particular segments, Fashion and accessorie, Cosmetics, Electronics, books and magazines.

Online travel agencies in have become more popular over the years due to the growing interest of consumers in both domestic and international travel, placing the country as the largest market for tourism. One of the main reasons for the growth of the online tourism market over the years is the increase in the purchasing power of the lower social classes, which has allowed a large number of consumers to consider travelling long distances for the first time. The overall market for online travel and bookings increased to USD ~ billion in 2015 from USD ~ billion in 2010.

Online mobility services accounted for the largest share in the online travel market. Convenience was the major factor behind the incline in online ticketing. These platforms help the consumer to book tickets conveniently at any place and any time. Also, online bookings these days provide easy price comparisons for different tickets which helps consumer choose the best option. The sector comprised a market share of ~% in 2015 with GMV of USD ~ billion.

The economy is expected to rebound and register positive growth post 2021. With consumer getting increasingly tech savvy and preference shifting towards online bookings of hotels and flights utilizing phones, tablets or desktops rather than booking them from stores or agents, the prospects of online travel market looks promising in the long term.

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