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Do Fans Love Babaji Game for Android and iPhone?

Babaji is the latest introduction from the premises of Winiit Games with great gaming app innovations Now this game is available for android and iPhone. Our Game is Reviewed By Pocket gamer Says – ” Babaji is a passive shmup score chaser inspired by a religious figure from East Asia.You really don’t see too many games inspired by the places they’re from, which is why it’s a rare treat to play something like Babaji” .Appspy says – Hands-on with Babaji, the highscore chase steeped in Indian myth

Its gameplay is quite familiar – you must guide a character past hazardous obstacles – but the presentation is unlike anything else you’ll have seen, as it’s inspired by a religious figure from East Asia. Babaji game will have features like leaderboards, achievements, one touch control scheme. Babaji and you will be engulfed in challenges but it will be so worth it! Every level hurdle you successfully cross there are rewards and immunity bursts… Pick up pace do gooder gamer and put your skills to a champion cause right away! And while you read this, Babaji is already sharpening a spot for you.

Commenting on the App Launch, Mr.Abhijit Junagade said, “Another sensational hit is about to enter the gaming MARKET. We’re very excited to offer Babaji game to our users with a new level of game play and magnificent graphics”. Babaji is an amusing and single touch high score game oozing with charm from the creators of Bhaag Modi Bhaag and Rajni Cricket.

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