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Natural Self treatment for Nose Congestion

Nose blockage congestion is due to the inflammation of the blood vessels of the mucus membrane lining in the nose that causes an over secretion of mucus, obstructing the nasal passage. The effect of the condition varies from children to adults. Natural treatment for nose block is readily available without side effects. The oldest and most reliable ayurvedic remedy for nasal block is the use of bishops weed or ajwain. A small quantity of ajwain is tied in a clean cloth and is heated in a vessel and later sniffed. This helps in clearing the blocked passage.

A mixture of garlic juice, juice of holy basil, crushed pepper corns, clove and honey is also an effectual ayurvedic remedy for nasal bock.
Boil water with a few drops of camphor and ajwain and inhale the steam. Nasal steam inhalation for 5-10 min twice a day provides good results.
Sniff a mixture of two parts of ground witch hazel, one part of wild cherry bark and one part of white oak bark for prompt relief.
Oil of oregano is another ayurvedic remedy for nasal congestion .Two to three drops of oregano oil taken with juice is known to strengthen the body’s immune system also.
Intake of about 1000 mg of vitamin C thrice a day keeps a check on the histamine levels and thus helps reduce nasal congestion.

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