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A high court had reported to have directed governments to create public awareness that they have no reason to fear the emission of radio active waves from mobile tower. The HC ordered so with observation that the use of the mobile phone, AM Radio, FM Radio etc. is more harmful to the human beings compared to the power emission from the Base Transceiver Stations and that of mobile towers.

The HC directed for widespread publicity in response to a PIL filed by residents of Muktipark society near Sola Railway Crossing that were opposing erection of a 4G tower by Reliance Jio. A bench of Justices have said, “The authorities should through TV, radio etc. bring it to the notice of the people at large that there is no reason for them to fear the erection of the Base Transceiver Station, known as the Wi-Fi Mobile Tower. The reason why we are saying so is that the impression in the mind of a common man is that the Wi-Fi Mobile Towers erected all over the State has the potential to cause health hazard due to the emission of radio active waves from the said tower.”

The HC accepted the contentions raised by Govt counsel and company’s counsel and observed that the surveys conducted in proximity to the base stations indicated that the public was exposed to extremely low intensity RF fields in the environment and all the evidences indicated that they were unlikely to pose the risk to health.

The court order reads, “The Radiation Protection Division (NRPB) of the UK Health Protection Agency in the year 2000 has reported that the balance of evidence indicates that there is no general risk to the health of the people living near the base stations on the basis that the exposures are expected to be small fractions of guidelines.”

Ignore that UK headquarters many global tech giants, financial gurus and brand lobbyists. Assume that all these studies are done by individuals and entities free of cronies or corporate hype and just be happy, “jio jinga lala” people. We are the bosses & daddies of Internet watching you 24/7!

Source: TOI

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