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GlocalEdge, a leading global digital marketing agency, proudly announces that it has been empaneled as the top digital agency by NeGD, a Central Indian Department for e-Governance, for Digital India Campaign. This campaign is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship program for taking technology to village and block levels. As a part of the project, GlocalEdge would be responsible for the creation of messaging campaign, gamification, advertising and creatives, including advertising for rural outreach and social media. This big milestone was possible due to our social media expertise and our unique social media marketing software, EaseSocial. Visit the official link of NeGD to view the details of the empanelment:

Kush Jain, CEO of GlocalEdge stated,
“We feel honoured to be a part of Digital India Campaign which is a dream project of Government of India. We really look forward to making this a successful campaign with our innovative approach and expert team.”

Founded on innovative thinking, GlocalEdge is a Digital Marketing agency which is currently leading the Social Media Marketing wave, in India and abroad. GlocalEdge works with a wide range of clients, from American and Asian companies to African governments; from Fortune 100 corporations such as Microsoft and Oracle to small retail chains; and from Web 2.0 start-ups to brick and mortar customers. GlocalEdge is the parent company of EaseSocial, a Social Media Management software. With a unique consultative approach for individual projects, GlocalEdge comes with deep marketing expertise ensuring best results for the marketing campaigns.

Senior Director, OEM Group, Microsoft said:
“GlocalEdge has saved significant money for the OEM group and they have helped us extend the reach of our co-marketing assets to all 38 localized versions of Windows.”

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